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Revitalize Soaking Salts

Revitalize Soaking Salts

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Revitalize Soaking Salts are made organic essential oils of grapefruit, litsea cubeba, and sweet orange for  revitalizing bath experience.

Relax and revitalize with our mineral soaking salts made with organic essential oils of grapefruit, sweet orange, and litsea cubeba.  Our soaking salts contain pink Himalayan salt, dead sea salt, and epsom salt.  This therapeutic salt blend has 84 trace minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iron to name a few.  These minerals are good for soothing sore muscles, cleansing and detoxing the skin and body, and helping to replenish minerals via the dermal layers of the skin.

Instructions for use: add 2 oz of the soaking salts, and let dissolve before bathing.

Ingredients: Himalayan pink salt, epsom salt, organic essential oils of grapefruit , litsea cubeba, and sweet orange.